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Benchmark reigns supreme as the single largest buyer of private wine collections in the country. We’ve been delighted by the response our affiliate in Washington DC, has received since it opened last year. A large new selection has just arrived along with a great new collection of top wines. Featured are top Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhones, Classic and Cult Cabs, Italians, Ports, and a little Champagne sure to enhance your collection.

Now Introducing

The Advocate Cellar

This collection comes from a local wine enthusiast who was a distinguished attorney by day and an avid wine collector by night. As their passion grew and their cellar expanded, and found themselves surrounded by an overwhelming amount of extraordinary wines.

All wines are carefully selected with the highest standards of quality and backed by our provenance guarantee.


The Decade Cellar

Pristine provenance, this collection was acquired from a long-time collector who is now a part of the "Million Dollar Club" selling us over a million dollars of wine from his private cellar.

Expect to shop world-renowned wines sourced from a repeat client, trusted over the decades.

Summer Collection

Our Pre-Arrival Guarantee

When we source wines in Europe, we offer our customers the opportunity to secure them before reaching our Napa warehouse. Most Pre-Arrival wines sell out before reaching Napa, so purchasing Pre-Arrival is often the best way to secure your favorites.

All wines are carefully selected with the highest standards of quality and backed by our provenance guarantee.

Legendary Napa AVA

Famed Oakville Collection

In the heart of the Napa Valley lies the Oakville AVA, a roughly 2-mile wide swath of land across the valley extending around 1,000 ft. up into the Vaca mountains and 500 ft. into the Mayacamas. Here you can find the indelible Screaming Eagle, the illustrious Harlan Estate homestead, and the always impressive FUTO Estate, to name a few. Fill your collection with bottles from this famous wine region, and we have quite an array for you to choose from!

Collectible & Pristine

The Best Triple Threats

It’s always a great idea to buy in quantity, be it 3, 6, or even 12 bottles when available. This allows you to enjoy a bottle upon or shortly after purchase, while allowing the others to age, and appreciate in value. See below for a selection of these highly collectible, age-worthy bottles and stock up on multiple bottles today. One for now, and the rest over time.

A League of Their Own

First Growth Bordeaux

The fame of “First Growth” Bordeaux dates back hundreds of years, and these Chateau's have certainly stood the test of time by producing Bordeaux's best wines year after year. Each has its own house “style” - from Lafite’s finesse and power to Margaux’s elegance and complexity, these wines are all distinctive in their own. “First” is no mistake, and once you have tasted them, there is no questioning their esteem.

Pure Perfection

100-Point Wines

A perfect scoring wine is a rare occurrence. Seeking out these unique and exceptional wines is our specialty because we know a great bottle of wine can turn any gathering into a special occasion!

Hand Sourced

Direct Imports

Did you know that your favorite fine and rare wine retailer is also direct importing some of the world's most exclusive brands for distribution? Our ever-expanding network of relationships across the wine world has resulted in access to top wines coming directly from the producer's cellars.

Sell Wine

Full Cellar?

No matter the size or depth of your collection, our acquisitions professionals will work with you through each step of the process to make sure that the experience is as easy as possible.

Featured Producer

Perrot Minot

Under the ownership of fourth generation, Christophe Perrot-Minot advanced Domaine Perrot Minot to become one of Burgundy’s real rising stars. This former wine broker wanted to enhance the wines to taste as natural as possible. He replaced traditional filtering with a ‘filter by gravity’ system, and reduced the use of new oak for barrel aging. With nearly two centuries of history in the production of wine, Domaine Perrot-Minot continues to craft wines of an exquisite nature. So, skip the waiting list and purchase yours through Benchmark Wine Group. Secure yours today!

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